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Wedding Music

Rather than presenting a definitive list of what is appropriate/permissible, suffice to say that two principles should be recognized:


• Choice of music should be supportive to a religious ceremony, particularly in regard to vocal selections: the words must be sacred – of a religious nature.


The music should be supportive to the Anglican tradition of music as used at our main services here at St. Luke’s. Some music selections are more appropriate for other functions associated with weddings, like socials and/or wedding receptions.


In the matter of music it is important to remember that a wedding is neither a vocal recital nor an organ concert, but rather the witnessing of a couple committing their marriage vows before God and in the presence of supporting family and friends.


Generally, a vocal solo may take place during the signing of the register and/or at the time of the administration of Holy Communion if this is to be part of the wedding ceremony.


The Organist and Choirmaster is prepared to assist in the choice of music and if necessary, in the choice of a soloist.


Unless a family member or friend has good experience singing in public, it may be better to utilize the services of someone competent and confident to enhance your wedding ceremony.


In the choice of organ music, one should keep in mind that the organ is not a piano, guitar, or violin, but in its own right an instrument unto itself. Much splendid music has been written for the organ and may be utilized for wedding purposes.


As suggested at the outset, the purpose of this statement is not to provide a definitive answer to selecting wedding music. Everyone likes to believe their wedding to be unique; indeed, a wedding ceremony is a unique experience. To that end, we are prepared to assist, musically, in making this a unique and memorable day for all concerned.


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