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Since its establishment in 1889 as a Sunday Church School provided by the Parish of Holy Trinity in downtown Winnipeg, St. Luke's has always promoted and supported our involvment in the community through ministry, mission, outreach, and education. The many community activites in the early years included numerous groups for women and men, groups for children and young people, Beavers, Cubs, and Scouts, and the Sunday Church School. St. Luke's has always been at the center of the local community, particularly in the time before Winnipeg's Community Clubs were established.


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Mission and Outreach

Pastoral Care


Pastoral care is a very active ministry currently shared by a group of parishioners. Ministries include visits to shut-ins at their home, personal-care facility, or hospital, (these sometimes include sharing communion), phone contacts, and cards which celebrate holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries, acknowledge new born children and offer condolences. The team members each help to meet the needs of our community in ways that best use their skill, time, and talent.


At any time, there are numerous people who are receiving visits, communion, and/or phone calls. It is a pleasure to serve these people who are always so grateful to see us or hear from us. We share so much history with them at St. Luke's as they are often able to bring their experience to light with fond remembrances.


The practice of sending cards has been met with much appreciation, helping to enhance a sense of community and belonging to all parishioners as they celebrate special occasions or are in need of support during times of illness or bereavement.


Flowers from the services within the church are distributed on a rotational basis to those who are shut in. Team members and other parishioners who live close by deliver the flowers. Once again the response has always been one of deep appreciation as the shut-ins recognize they are not forgotten and have a place in our community.


If you are interested in helping by becoming a team member, send an E-Mail.

Community Ministry


St. Luke’s supports Winnipeg Harvest by taking weekly donations of food stuffs. These donations continue to be gratefully received.


 St. Matthew's Maryland Community Ministry is another organization to which St. Luke’s contributes. Our largest offering is the annual ‘White Gift Sunday' which provides toiletries for the adults who attend the Community Family Christmas Party. There is a ‘wish list’ generated for each season.

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