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Notices -

11 April 2021
Second Sunday of Easter


A comprehensive service booklet is prepared for each service, which includes hymns, prayers, responses, psalm, collects, lessons, etc.

This week’s is available to view online or download for your computer, smartphone, or tablet device by clicking below:


11 April - Online Sung Eucharist

Next week -

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The Winged Ox

St. Luke’s parish magazine.

Lent/Easter 2021


Submissions may be e-mailed

or dropped into the Parish Office.

Next issue is the Advent/Christmas edition.
Deadline is Sunday 16 May 2021.


Past editions -

Advent/Christmas 2020
Harvest Thanksgiving/Patronal Festival 2020

Pentecost/Trinity 2020

Lent and Easter 2020


Notice re: COVID-19 pandemic -


Pre-recorded services are still being offered online.
This is an opportunity to share in the community with your fellow parishioners. Invite your family members, friends, and neighbours to join the broadcast.

We will continue this practice as long as necessary.

Join us Sundays starting at 9:00am for the service on Facebook. (Link)

You can also watch on YouTube at 9:15am. (Link)


The online services are available to watch at either site after the “Premiere” at any time.


Be sure to subscribe to both parish Facebook and YouTube pages to be informed of future postings to the sites, and comment and "like" the broadcasts so we know your thoughts and see your participation.


If you have special prayer requests, please click HERE.




Si Quis


Notice is hereby given that Susan Eileen Roe-Finlay, Bachelor of Nursing, Master of Science, (resident in this parish) intends to offer herself as a candidate for the Holy Office of a Deacon at the ensuing Ordination by the Bishop of Rupert’s land, or by his request and on his behalf.


If any person knows any just cause or impediment for which the aforementioned candidate ought not to be admitted into Holy Orders, they are now to declare the same, or signify the same forthwith to the Bishop of Rupert’s Land.




Our Companion Relationship with Central Buganda:

An Online Workshop

17 April - 10:00 am–12:00 pm

The Companion Diocese Committee will be presenting an update about how our relationship is going, what’s happening on the ground in Central Buganda, and we’ll hear from church leaders in Central Buganda too!

To register for this presentation, please email: [email protected]

In lieu of any registration fee, donations are requested for the

Central Buganda Orphan project, made more urgent by COVID-19:



Another opportunity for us to participate, learn and give.




Parish Hamper Outreach Mission

We have had such a wonderful, loving response of donations which have been gratefully received by parishioners in need of help with groceries. We are going to do another round of hampers by the end of April.

Grocery cards are the easiest way to make sure they get what they need.
Please drop them off at the church in the mailbox on the door to the car park.

Items of food can be dropped off only on

Thursday and Friday mornings, 22 and 23 April.

I will be in the car park to collect. Thank you for all your help.

Barbara Calder: 204.453.9219, [email protected]




Anglican Journal

Do you wish to receive the Anglican Journal newspaper? If you are attending and contributing to an Anglican church in Canada, just complete the form on their webpage, or send an email and the Journal staff will set up a subscription in your name.


Rupert’s Land News -

The diocesan publication Rupert’s Land News is available only via e-mail. Parishioners who do not have access to e-mail may request that the parish print a hard copy which may be picked up at the back of the church nave. Those who are unable to attend church services may contact the parish office and request that the printed Rupert’s Land News issues be forwarded by mail along with our parish’s Winged Ox news magazine which is published four times per year.

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