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Notices -

26 May 2019
The Sixth Sunday of Easter

Sung Eucharist Pew Leaflet

A comprehensive service booklet is prepared for each service, which includes hymns, prayers, responses, psalm, collects, lessons, etc.
This week’s is available to view online or download for your computer, smartphone, or tablet device by clicking below:

26 May, 10:30 - Sung Eucharist


When at church, you can access St. Luke’s guest
Wi-Fi network: Gloria  Password: inexcelsis

Next week -

2 June: Seventh Sunday of Easter

  08:30 - Said Eucharist

  10:30 - Sung Eucharist and Baptism

Recordings of some services at St. Luke's -

Click here.

The Winged Ox

St. Luke’s parish magazine.

Lent/Easter 2019


Submissions may be e-mailed

or dropped into the Parish Office.

Next issue is the Pentecost/Trinity edition.
Deadline is Sunday 2 June 2019.


Past editions -
Advent/Christmas 2018

Harvest Thanksgiving/Patronal Festival 2018

Pentecost/Trinity 2018

Lent/Easter 2018


Choral Evensong -

Sunday 26 May - 16:00 (4:00 pm)

Our parishes’ choirs take June–August off.

Thank you for your musical skills, leadership, and faith.


Doors Open Winnipeg -

Saturday 25 May, 11:00–17:00 and Sunday 26 May, 12:00–15:00.


The Organ and Organ Fund -

Donations are needed and are still being accepted to the Organ Fund. Work has been completed with only touch-ups still to be done. Your contributions will help cover the costs, and any residual funds will be kept for future tuning and maintenance.

Thank you to all who have contributed.


Your Offerings

As we come together and combine our services for the next few months, All Saints parishioners, please be sure to clearly mark all donations as All Saints.

We are all so blessed by having this time of joint worship!


Combined Worship -

The parishioners from All Saints’ Church will join us to worship for the months of May, June, and July. Take every opportunity to welcome our brothers and sisters in worship and fellowship.

     The Sunday early eucharist will be held at 08:30 until the end of July.

     The mid-week eucharist will be held in the chancel on Wednesdays at 12:10.

Link to Winnipeg Free Press Faith page article on All Saints (4 May 2019).


Building a Habitat lunch -

Four dozen eggs, two roasted chicken, 4 small seedless watermelons, and sweets pretty well make a Habitat lunch. The generosity of “filling makers”, sandwich makers, and parishioners who gave money completed the lunch. Builders were delighted at the “homemade”spread.

Glory to God whose power working in us can do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine.


Our Ugandan Children -

The gift from our parish to “our Ugandan Children” is  $2,571.15. Children without resources will now purchase their shoes, school uniforms, final exams, and daily lunches. Teenagers and young adults will be admitted  into trade or university training. Our parish link program assists the delivery of this donation. Equally important is that one young person begins her dream to go to school.


Host Families Needed -

Do you have a spare room available? Balmoral Hall School is looking for host families willing to host two girls (ages 14–16) from Japan from 12–26 July. Students will attend classes at Balmoral Hall each weekday, and will require transportation to and from school, as well as breakfast, a bagged lunch, and evening meal each day.

Students look forward to spending their evenings and weekends doing activities with their host families. An honorarium of $350.00 per student is provided to help defray your hosting costs.

For more details, please contact Heather Naughten.


The Winged Ox -

The Deadline for the submission of articles, photos, book review, etc. is Sunday 2 June.


Daily Prayer Resources -

Listed below are some links, provided by Fr. Paul, to daily prayer resources:


<http://bit.ly/2AT1HZs> .  -  (A ministry of The Episcopal Church - U.S.A.)


<http://bit.ly/2AUm0pd>  -  (The Anglican Church of Canada)


<https://bit.ly/2CtS6rZ>  -  (The Church of England)


<https://bit.ly/2DjSlHF>  -  (The Episcopal Church - U.S.A.)


Rupert’s Land News -

The diocesan publication Rupert’s Land News is available only via e-mail. Parishioners who do not have access to e-mail may request that the parish print a hard copy which may be picked up at the back of the church nave. Those who are unable to attend church services may contact the parish office and request that the printed Rupert’s Land News issues be forwarded by mail along with our parish’s Winged Ox news magazine which is published four times per year.

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